It’s not just another Vitamin on your list for the day. If you’re short on Vitamin D, you’ll notice pretty quickly. During winter, when you feel slow, tired, and a bit depressed, it’s not some mood put on by dark, cloudy weather and shorter days, it’s the literal lack of sunlight. Without it, your body doesn’t make enough Vitamin D. The recommended dose of sunlight is, at bathing suit exposure, 20 sunscreen free minutes. That doesn’t happen for most people in winter months (and often not in summer, either).

Make sure your Vitamin D levels stay steady by including it in your diet. Vitamin D rich foods include dairy, eggs, and fish, but if you’re not getting enough of those, a good multivitamin like Vita One can help restore you.

If you’re really low on Vitamin D, symptoms can include muscle weakness/pain, and winter is a bad time to have a weakened immune system. It’s estimated that if not in the realm of deficient, most people are bordering it (especially because daily recommendations are often a minimum—you can use more for better results). With a little more vitamin and mineral coverage in your daily life, you can feel better and avoid symptoms of deficiency.

A Vitamin D supplement is also good support for people who want to avoid damage from too much sun. Taking good care of your skin shouldn’t have to interfere with your Vitamin D levels and the health they provide.

Just make sure to choose a high-quality, bioavailable supplement like Vita One. Being able to absorb and use the nutrients should determine your choice of supplements, especially since cheap ones often only have the cheap, chalk form of Calcium, despite their labeling.

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