Cup of tea


Our health is made up of our habits, and we build good health one habit at a time. Big ones like exercise, sleep hygiene, and routine health checks and little habits like noticing (and acting!) when we feel the first tickle of illness, planning healthy snacks, and healthy breaks like an afternoon cup of tea. If you need to start new, healthier habits a cup of tea like our organic Jiaogulan tea is a great place to begin.

It’s easy to build into your day, and overtime can become a bigger event (or less of one, if you need). You can have a cup of Jiaogulan while you work in the afternoon, or you can make it a short mental health break. You can make a cup of Jiaogulan a part of good sleep hygiene and use it to relax before bed. The routine of a cup of tea is and of itself a habit that can support good health.

But the tea is also important. Jiaogulan tea is caffeine free—drink it at any time of day without disrupting your natural rhythm. It’s organic, so feel good about how it’s grown. 

And it’s known as the tea of life, because drinkers where it’s traditionally grown are known for their good health and longevity.

Jiaogulan tea may support cardiovascular health, digestion (it’s been used traditionally to treat ulcers), the immune system, and promote balance in the body.

There are lots of healthy habits to build—start with something easy and treat yourself to a cup of tea and a moment of calm. Start by adding a cup of organic Jiaogulan tea to your day.


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