Phytosterols may help balance cholesterol levels.

Healthy cholesterol levels (balancing good cholesterol and bad cholesterol) is important because cholesterol affects the health of the coronary arteries, but also performs several important functions, like being a building block of sex hormones.

But many people have a hard time controlling their cholesterol levels. While diet and exercise are important, many people have genetic factors that also contribute to high cholesterol levels and heart disease.

Cholesterol MGR contains herbs, vitamins, and minerals focused on helping the body balance healthy cholesterol levels. Ingredients like l-Alanine, a non essential amino acid, helps ensure the body has the ingredients it needs to perform the necessary processes.

From an herbal approach, cholesterol MGR is chock full of phytosterols (or plant sterols). Studies suggest phytosterols may help balance cholesterol levels when eaten twice a day, and as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Phytosterols may work by blocking cholesterol absorption in the intestine.

If you’re focused on building a diet that will help lower bad cholesterol levels and support good cholesterol levels, Cholesterol MGR contains the nutrients your body needs, which aren’t always included in every meal or absorbed (unfortunately, age can cause poor nutrient absorption and digestive issues at the same time we start to worry about our heart health!).

If you’re on any sort of blood thinners or other heart medication, always talk to your doctor before changing your diet or adding a supplement, heart medications react with many foods and herbs.

What foods do you eat to support healthy cholesterol levels?


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