CoEnzyme B-Complex Supplies All B Vitamins


B vitamins support good health and nutrition!

CoEnzyme B-Complex B vitamin supplements contains all 8 B vitamins (collectively called B vitamin complex). B vitamins work together in a number of functions, including energy digestion (metabolism), enzyme reactions that affect circulation and hormones, and they play a role in many bodily systems including the nervous system, immune system and digestive system.

B vitamins are critical to good health; folic acid, or vitamin B9, is critical during the early stages of pregnancy to prevent birth defects. Vegans often lack B 12 vitamins, leaving them at risk for health problems (you need all B vitamins, or B vitamin complex–just one missing can cause health problems). Vitamin B6 promotes red blood cell production as well as overall heart health.
The coenzyme form of b vitamins is the active form, the one that can be readily used by your body.

The form of B vitamins that is found in many foods (especially fortified foods, or foods/energy drinks that have B vitamins and others added to them), is not the coenzyme form but a form that has to be converted by the liver into the coenzyme form. The coenzyme form is found in CoEnzyme B Complex.

B vitamins are water soluble, meaning they are not stored in the body but must be replenished throughout the day.

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise B vitamins can aid metabolism and support heart health-why do you take B Vitamins?


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