It’s not just caffeine that boosts the mind—other compounds in coffee may support long term  brain health. According to various studies, compounds found in coffee may help the brain against diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lewy Body Dementia.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, but there’s more than that going on. Other compounds, including fatty acids like EHT, may support brain health, too. One study found that the combination of EHT and caffeine worked by preventing the accumulation of protein in the brain.

There’s an important theory that is antithetical to Big Pharma, and this illustrates it well; plants that humans have a long history with—coffee, Marijuana, other herbs—have been selected and cultivated because of, and for, their interaction with our health. And it’s a complex interaction (in the study, protein was only cleared by the combination of EHT and caffeine, not either individually)—isolating one main compound over-simplifies our relationships with these plants, and potentially over-looks undiscovered benefits.

Supplements help us maintain a relationship with these plants when we may have moved away from where they grow and a lifestyle that revilves around nature. You can also keep up with rituals you may already have (as simple and common as a morning cup of coffee, seasonally canning tomatoes, or an afternoon cup of tea).

At Colloids for Life, choose a supplement right for you and support your health with nature in a tradition going back hundreds of years (or more). With high quality fresh ingredients, you can get the benefits of nature while still living a modern lifestyle.

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