Stomach Trouble


Stomach TroubleIt’s not an increase in the number of colonoscopies being done. Death rates are going up too, meaning serious, advanced stages of colorectal cancer are suddenly turning up in more people.

And here’s the kicker: young people are more at risk. Born in the 90s? You have double the risk of colon cancer, and FOUR TIMES the risk of rectal cancer. Why that is has yet to be pinpointed, “obvious” answers like higher obesity rates have been ruled out. Whites are at a slightly higher risk.

The good news is that the overall risk is still low. Even though they haven’t been able to explain this current uptick in colorectal cancers, you can still decrease your general risk of developing colorectal cancer by working on health basics like exercise, diet, weight, sleep, etc. And of course, be aware that this is happening and watch for symptoms like bleeding, changes in bowel habits and consistency, and abdominal pain. Sometimes fatigue and weight loss are also colorectal cancer symptoms.

If you detect symptoms, have a family history, or other concern, talk to a doctor about testing. Testing can detect and remove precancerous polyps, or catch cancer early.

Besides eating more vegetables, you can help take care of yourself by using a colon supporting multivitamin like Colon CLNz. Colon CLNz doesn’t just supply the nutrients your colon wants, it helps to detox and pull out toxins, help stimulate and regulate bowel movements, and generally support optimal health and function. It can work as short term support, or long term maintenance depending on the individual.

Why do you think colorectal cancer rates are ticking up?


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