nless you’re younger, or sick, then you need more!). There are ways you can work summer days in your favor, and you can always use natural sleep support for better sleep.

Start by looking at the glass as half full: there are lots of ways that summer can help you get more sleep, if you’ll let it. Time in the sun (especially if you’re moving) boosts your health while tiring you out. Sunscreen is always a must, a little more Vitamin D helps with mood, immune system function, and more.

And while late night sunshine might stir you awake, those early morning sunrays help with telling your circadian rhythm it’s time to wake up and kick into action for the day. Sleeping at consistent times and stepping into sunlight in the morning is a good way to help your circadian rhythm to be healthy and naturally trigger sleep.

Then, take charge of your evenings. Light, natural or artificial, tells your brain to stay up and will slow the production of melatonin, which helps induce and maintain sleep (among many other things). Unplugging from glowing screens helps year round, and when it comes to late evening sunlight, put some blackout curtains up and close them an hour or two before bed.

If you’re prone to feeling high energy before bed, workout in the morning. If you get restless and sore before bed, then workout in the evenings instead. Either way, it will boost your health and help support sleep.

Still stuck? Get some natural support. While more conventional sleeping pills will mess up your tomorrow (while never giving you true sleep) a true sleep aid like Nite MGR will offer natural help for real sleep.

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