Today does not just mark the clock springing forward one hour, it marks a peak day for heart attacks and traffic accidents. Yes, technically daylight savings happened yesterday so everyone could adjust, but the overwhelming spike in accidents and heart attacks happens to most people on Monday.

Balance your day against it. Take breaks, especially heart healthy ones like light exercise, a cup of tea, or a cat nap if you can fit one in.

When you’re out and about, drive cautiously and watch for other drivers who might be driving erratically. Remember that the sun will be in a different position during your commute, so grab a pair of sunglasses or take an alternate route, if you can, try an alter what time you leave in the evening today.

Of all days, today is the day to practice heart health. You might be tempted to drink extra caffeine to compensate for that lost hour of sleep, but caffeine can increase your stress and anxiety, and can get your heart beating faster and harder. Heavy meals, extra sugar or junk, or other dietary attempts to boost your energy might also make your heart work harder. Instead, take it easier. Slow, steady munching, a decaf hot drink like Jiaogulan Tea, and a healthy lunch.

A cup of tea can also help keep today calm, slow, and steady. The start of Daylight Savings is not the day to tackle a big project or work over a hard problem, it’s a day to relax and adjust.

And remember, days are getting longer (it’s not some Daylight Savings magic!). For this week, that doesn’t mean more time to get things done. Get some sleep tonight, and help rest your heart (a lot happens when you sleep that benefits your heart, brain, and more).

Want to do a little more for your heart? Try a daily supplement like Mito Cardia.

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