Cosmetic products, from lotion and shampoo to make-up and even bubble bath, aren’t always what they appear. Now and again a shampoo makes it to market that causes baldness, or some other product causes intense skin irritation. Usually, products with problems that big get reported and removed quickly, but some cheaper or less reputable products are able to fly under the radar for far too long. (And not always cheap products, Jessica Alba’s Honest brand had many horrible setbacks, or obvious products like the recent fallout over talc powder).

Careful label reading and maybe even a little internet research on brand reputability can help get bad products out of your house. Ideally, things should get thrown away at the year mark (you’re probably not using them, and there can be bacteria growth, especially in make-up), so if you’re going to purge old, questionable products, start with that, as well as expiration dates (oils can go rancid!).

If you’re feeling worried about toxin build up, do a little detoxing. Zeolite helps pull heavy metals and other toxins out, and it’s something you add to your diet (so no fasting). Made when alkaline groundwater reacts with volcanic rocks, it has a cage like structure that catches large elements. Just be sure to pair it with a good mineral supplement (Humic and Fulvic acid pairs well).

Your skin absorbs what you rub on it, and your kidneys and liver have to process it. From scalp to legs to feet, we put many different chemicals on our body each day, so that it’s almost as important as what you eat. To help correct for products that might not have the purest, safest, or best ingredients, occasionally cleans with Zeolite to support health.

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