A huge swath of the US is covered in pollution from the massive western wildfires. The large gray crowd blocking out the blue of the sky looks like something from a film set in a dystopian future—but it’s right outside your window.

Research shows that even in the US our life expectancy is being cut by air pollution. Right now in Seattle, the effect of the wildfires is so bad it’s like smoking seven cigarettes.

What can you do to stay healthy when you can’t get a breath of fresh

air? Follow some basic tips for prevention, then consider supporting your body with a gentle detox, like you can get from Zeolite.

First, pay attention to local air quality reports and warnings. Sometimes the warnings are posted on electric roadside billboards (in conjunction with pleas to drive less), other times they’re on your local news. If you can’t find it, do a web search.

If the air quality is bad, take steps to avoid it. Drive less by chaining together chores and activities. Move exercising and as many outdoor activities as you can indoors (don’t just avoid being outdoors, avoid heavy breathing outdoors).

If you feel inclined to do more, try a gentler detox with Zeolite. Zeolite is a cage-like structure that “catches” large particles and free radicals and pulls them from the body. Made when alkaline groundwater reacts with volcanic rock and ash, Zeolite is like a natural sponge. It’s something you can add to your diet, rather than detox by starvation.

Keep an eye on the sky, and support your health with a natural detoxer like Zeolite.

How are the wildfires affecting where you live?


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