Lose sleep, and spend the next day feeling bad. Whether it’s occasional or a chronic problem, forgoing sleep or fighting insomnia can have adverse affects on your health. People who get less than 7 hours sleep face an increased risk of heart attacks, perform worse at work and driving (also giving them an increased risk of accidents) and, according to new research, are more likely to be dehydrated. Make sure you get enough sleep with help from our Sleep Support Pack.

Feeling bad after not getting enough sleep? Start by drinking more water. When you sleep only 6 hours (or less), you’re missing the part of the night when your body releases hormones that regulate your hydration. It might be one of the reasons you feel bad after not getting enough sleep. To hydrate your body more quickly, choose something with electrolytes (like coconut water, or a low sugar flavored drink).

Helping yourself to stay hydrated can help steer your circadian rhythm back on course. Once you’re off, it’s easy to find yourself stacking up rows of sleepless or short nights. If you’re fighting insomnia, make a choice to start each day with water, and to keep a big bottle on you. (And don’t worry about your morning coffee or tea; while caffeine is a diuretic, it doesn’t dehydrate you in normal quantities).

Combine staying hydrated with other sleep supporting habits, and disrupt the pattern of poor sleep. Try: avoiding caffeine after lunch, cutting back on alcohol (as well as unnatural sleep aids that induce passing out, but not true sleep cycles), cutting back on screen time before bed, and taking a bath (which helps your circadian rhythm out by regulating your body temperature).

Our Sleep Support Pack offers natural herbal and nutritional support to help you get real sleep. Fall asleep, stay asleep, and experience a natural, proper circadian rhythm with a little extra help from our Sleep Support Pack.

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