Cold weather is the start of a more intense season of illness for a reason, as well as some minor inconveniences from the accompanying drop in humidity (or at least they start that way). Stay active against the change in weather, and get a start on a healthy fall and winter.

Start by running a humidifier. It can help directly by easing dryness (from your skin to your breathing), and indirectly by making it harder to transmit flu. You should also up your intake of water to help keep hydrated.

If you feel dehydration straining your respiratory system with dry mucus, a cough, or other breathing discomforts, pull out your nebulizer and get some immune support with colloidal silver. Not only does a nebulizer help get immune support more directly to the respiratory system, it adds moisture. With a mask, the nebulized colloidal silver reaches from your eyes, to your sinuses, to your lungs.

Dehydration isn’t the only winter issue, cold weather can tense muscles and cause aches and pains (especially when you throw in leaf raking and later snow shoveling). Tight muscles are bad enough on their own, but you don’t want to go into cold and flu season bundled with tension.

To relieve sore muscles, stretch regularly, keep drinking the aforementioned water, and occasionally soothe them with something hot, like a bath or heating pad. For quick relief (especially if you’ve got a tension headache, migraine, or just need relief so you can sleep) try Dakota Muscle Relief. Safe and natural with just a few recognizable ingredients, it soothes tight muscles with hot, then cold.

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