All nutrients have an important role to play in the body, but Vitamin D seems to be absolutely critical to our health. Both overall mental and physical well-being seem strongly tied to getting enough Vitamin D, and new research adds a strong correlation to overall all cancer risk. Make sure you start each day with a supplemental dose of Vitamin D from a multivitamin like Vita One.

Seasonal depression, regular depression, bone health, fatigue… most people don’t have severe Vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to huge problems like rickets (underdeveloped, misshapen bones), but at least 40% of Americans have Vitamin D deficiency. Mild Vitamin D deficiency is easy to attribute to other things, like a hard workout, a bad night’s rest, or the tolls of work and aging. But chronically feeling tired, a little down, and sore, might be correctable with a little more Vitamin D.

Then there’s Vitamin D and the immune system. Getting sick, chronic inflammation, respiratory issues, heart issues, and reproductive issues can all be influenced by Vitamin D’s role on the immune system, and sometimes improved by getting a little more Vitamin D into your diet. The new research tying Vitamin D to cancer risk found a correlation between low levels of Vitamin D in the blood and an increased risk of overall cancer. The study suggests that Vitamin D may have a protective role against cancers.

Who’s Vitamin D deficient? Could be anybody. Even in a sunny region of the US, there’s UV radiation to worry about to keep people indoors, and most people have an indoor lifestyle anyhow, whether they’re at work or at home. And while many foods are fortified with nutrients, those added nutrients tend to be cheap/low-quality, and fortified foods are actually banned in some countries for perceived ill-effects.

The best solution is to eat a healthy diet with naturally occurring nutrients like Vitamin D, get a little sun, and to make sure you’re always covered with a supplement containing Vitamin D like the multivitamin Vita One. With easy to absorb and use nutrients, Vita One is a high-quality safety net for whatever each day brings.

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