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A warm cup of tea can do a lot. It can bring cheer, calm tears, perk up your afternoon… or support your health. Sitting down for a cuppa has made its cultural dent for a reason, and supporting health and well-being is a part of that. There are many types of teas to choose from. One way to support health and more is with caffeine-free Jiaogulan tea.

Why Jiaogulan tea? Different teas, different benefits, and Jiaogulan have a lot of benefits. Traditionally, it’s known to aid digestion and soothe stomach troubles, including ulcers. Sometimes referred to as the “tea of life”, Jiaogulan tea comes from a part of Southeast Asia known for health and longevity.

Heart Support

Soothing your digestive tract makes Jiaogulan tea the perfect addition to your daily routine. A cup of tea, the making of it, the warmth, the break to drink it, is already relaxing. Add in the specific benefits of Jiaogulan tea and that soothing ritual is tangibly enhanced. After lunch, before bed, or when you need a minute to unwind, pour a cup of a Jiaogulan.

Caffeine can increase anxiety, and if you’re having stomach troubles, that will make things worse—increasing uncomfortable symptoms. Jiaogulan can help untangle that mess by soothing the mind and stomach.

If you’re just dealing with changing diets and trying to find something that works for you, do it with Jiaogulan—in addition to digestive support specific to Jiaogulan tea, a warm drink with your meal is thought to be better for digestion than the modern, popular iced drink!

This summer, build a break into your day with the health benefits of Jiaogulan tea.


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