One in four Americans say they are following a gluten free diet. While 1% of Americans have full blown Celiac’s disease and can’t eat gluten, others say that eliminating gluten from their diet means a healthier mind and body, with less bloating, gas, and depression. But there might be a downside if you’re subbing a lot of rice into your diet (either directly on your plate or as an alternative to wheat flour).

That downside? Heavy metal accumulation. Rice is a crop that can hold a lot of arsenic and even mercury from contamination from the environment and chemicals used on/around the crop. The evidence? Researchers measured the blood and urine of different subjects, and those who self-reported a gluten free diet had twice the arsenic levels and 70% higher mercury levels than those who ate gluten.

It doesn’t mean you have to stop eating rice. Rice is an otherwise healthy food, and you want to avoid the other pitfall of gluten free diets: increased consumption of sugars and fats.

Here’s the good news: with everyone eating gluten free and buying more rice, change is coming. Just like organic has risen and trans fat has fallen, pressure (and maybe even regulations) are being applied to turn this contamination around.

In the meantime, add a little Zeolite to your supplement routine every couple of weeks. Zeolite is formed when volcanic ash mixes with groundwater. It has a large cage-like structure perfect for pulling out large contaminants like heavy metals; just make sure you replace the good things like calcium through either diet or another supplement (Zeolite naturally pairs with Humic and Fulvic Acid, or you can take a traditional mineral supplement like Cal Mag Complete).

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