Candy 2Who isn’t excited about the arrival of Halloween candy? Even if it’s just angry-excited at the new temptation?

A treat’s ok occasionally, you just have to remember that their high in calories and void of nutrients. Here are some tips to make the best of the sweet season:

-Sign up now to get a “Recall” email alert via Google. M&Ms have already been recalled thanks to undisclosed peanut contamination. If you have a serious allergy—add that to your list of keywords you’re alerted for!

-Don’t think you can cheat with artificial sugar. Past studies have found that people who drink diet soda are more likely to be overweight/gain weight than people who drink regular. And a new study has linked artificial sugar to a higher risk for diabetes!

-Make sure you take a daily multivitamin. Post Halloween candy binge? Pie for post-Thanksgiving breakfast? A daily multivitamin ensures a steady stream of nutrients.

-Share with friends! Make your own candy than share it around—you get a slice of sugary pleasure and a big dose of feel goods.

-Read ingredients! Not all candy is created equal. Trans fat/hydrogenated oils are bad for you, corn syrup is full of pesticides, TBHQ is carcinogenic, and of course there’s a whole slew of synthetic and artificial ingredients. Those are the worst offenders, but the good news is, many brands have moved away from them or reduced their presence (and some haven’t, or can’t because there’s no other way to make some candies).

-If the labor of endlessly reading ingredients isn’t a deterrent, or having to make your own, make sure you don’t give up on exercise. A sudden surge in sugar can sometimes lead you into bad habits (stupid brain chemistry!)—so keep some good ones up to counter the effect.

-And if you start gaining winter weight, boost your weight loss with Slim NRG.

What Holiday Treats are you looking forward to? And family recipes you want help making more modern/healthy?


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