It’s fairly well accepted that stress has tangible effects on the body. Most people don’t think about it too deeply, and keep it in the abstract, but there are an increasing amount of specific conditions that are tied to stress. Ulcers are pretty well known, and are often featured in dramatizations of stress. Another side-effect often portrayed when a character strains under stress? Cardiac events.

A new study highlights just how bad it can be: people with no history of heart disease can have serious heart attacks if the stress is bad enough; so take away that stress is not just a tipping point, it can cause serious problems all on its own.

That means we all need to value our mental health as much as we value our physical health. Think about the energy you put into working out, or planning a healthy meal—what sorts of activities are you putting into finding peace and happiness?

It can be just as simple and easy to take care off your mind as it is your body. Just like exercising only requires fifteen or so minutes a day of moderate movement, de-stressing only needs a few minutes of something calming, and a healthy meal for your brain can be a stimulating activity in the form of your favorite hobby, or learning something new using your phone.

And support can be just as easy. Start with something natural: D.S.A. MGRx offers nutritional support through depression, stress, and anxiety that’s non-addictive and easy to base on need. Give it a try when you need a little extra support to get through the lows.

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