Man with Stomach Pain on BedIf you’re struggling to find food that doesn’t leave you with stomach upset—whether that’s gas/bloating, churning and cramps, or a vague, unsettled feeling—end it.

After all, it may or may not be the food you’re eating that’s the cause. There are a lot of reasons you may have an upset stomach, and you can solve many of them with the ease of a little extra support of supplements like Digest Aid and Flora MGR.

Our gastrointestinal tracts often get slower and less efficient with age, and not only can that mean discomfort, it can mean consequences that go further as our body fails to get needed nutrients. Or, sometimes, strain on the liver or gallbladder can lead to less efficiency. And once you’re getting fewer nutrients, things can spiral further.

To tackle digestive problems, you can start with Flora MGR. Studies are turning out piles of evidence that our friendly bacteria colonies, (AKA probiotics), are important to seemingly every aspect of our health. So, almost everyone can benefit from a little extra support to encourage and support the right kind of bacteria with Flora MGR. Just to illustrate the role bacteria play in our digestion, new research suggests that it might be the type of bacteria we host that trigger migraines because of how they process nitrates found in food.

If you think you need more help digesting food, you might need some enzymes to naturally support the breakdown of food. (Try Digest Aid) Paired with a healthy diet, an improved ability to breakdown your food means there will be more absorption of nutrients, and better overall health!

Plus, enzymes can help break down damaged and unhealthy tissue allowing for repair and improved function.

Even if you don’t think you need constant support, Digest Aid and Flora MGR are perfect go-tos when you’re having a one-off problem. Think you ate something that turned? Get a couple Flora MGR as soon as possible. Having trouble with a giant holiday dinner? Finish it with some Digest Aid. And unlike antacids, the negative side-effects aren’t there (especially from long term use!).

Try out Digest Aid and Flora MGR and start experiencing improved digestion right away.

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