Standing Business ManStand up! Computer workers, you’re spending too much time sitting, according to every study on the subject. But now there’s a guideline telling you exactly what to do, and for how long: work 2-4 hours of standing into your day, every day.

It’s a tentative guideline, but it’s the first off a new study that aims to help us figure out exactly how to mitigate our sedentary lifestyle.

Of course, researchers add that standing too long can become a problem, too—ideally, you want to get some movement in there. For instance, pacing during a phone call, having a walking meeting, or running your own errands/notes, rather than sending out an email.

Another study offered similar advice: you can mitigate the coronary damage of a sedentary lifestyle by standing for 10 minutes out of every hour. If you did this all day long, not just at work, you’d hit the target.

Make standing easier with tools like a standing desk (or a DIY modification to a cheap desk—the internet has plenty of examples), posture supporting shoes or a mat for bare feet, and adjusting your computer posture so your upper body is aligned while you stand.

You can also get more out of sitting. Fidget-y people tend to be thinner, and I would bet there’s a correlation here (and to cardio health). An exercise ball forces you into better posture, and makes movement easier for those who aren’t fidgeters.

If you go on Pinterest you’ll see a number of desk hacks geared toward kids that can’t sit still—because that’s how we should be! Before school trained you to be chained to a desk all day, you were predisposed to lots of movement. Reclaim some of that—use those hacks as a way to remind yourself to get more movement out during those long periods of sitting.

And don’t just do it at work—make it a habit at home, too. Do chores periodically during television breaks, read standing, pacing, or on a workout bike, etc.

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How do you work standing into your day?


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