Exhausted Man With WaterIf you’re still feeling tired after the holiday weekend, you might have overdone it! Between greasy grilled food, fatty salads, and delicious desserts, with all the extra sun, alcohol, and staying up late, it might be time to help yourself recover.

People with a weakened immune system are probably really feeling it this week. Whether you’re not as young as you used to be, getting over a sinus infection, or have a chronic condition like Hepatitis C, it’s time for some extra support to get over the long weekend (don’t you love/hate when you need a vacation from your vacation?).

First, start drinking water. If you’re already at the point where water seems unappealing, drink something with more in it, like coconut water or a sports drink. Getting more water will immediately help against problems like too much sun, too little sleep, and just general support for digesting that lump of meat and sugar in your stomach and flushing it all out.

And let yourself rest. You can’t sleep too much (although you can lay down too much when you’re awake). Extra sleep happens when your body needs it—it’s the likely reason some studies have found a shorter lifespan with longer sleep. It’s not the sleep, its the problem causing the need for it.

Immune support. Always have immune support (like colloidal silver). You never know what will come up. Food poisoning can take a week to show symptoms (and picnics are prime transmission points—chances are there were snacks out from dinner to fireworks, right?). Plus trekking into grass (ticks), being out at twilight (mosquitoes) and so much more can up your risk for problems over the next few weeks.

And support that chronic illness. Hep C? Coffee might help. And double up on that extra immune support—especially if you’ve been postponing treatment while you wait for the right one. Add on to it with targeted support, like a liver supporting multivitamin. Liver MGR helps support liver health and cleansing with antioxidants and liver specific nutrients.

Looking a little pink? Or even red? Too much sun is easy to come by when you’re having fun. I’ll repeat to drink more water, but you can also help your skin by applying a salve like one with aloe or coconut oil (or both). Colloidal silver is also traditionally used on burns and minor scrapes and wounds.

If you’re feeling the effects of July 4th—be sure to stock up. There’s still plenty of summer left, including more holiday weekends!

Did you have a fun weekend?


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