Krill SketchWhether you already add omega-3s to your diet with fish oil or need to start, it’s time to do something better with Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

Why switch to Krill Oil? For one, it’s easier for your gut to digest. For people with any sort of digestive troubles—whether they came naturally with age or are from a condition like celiac, IBD, or IBS, digestibility (and bioavailablity) should be top considerations when choosing a supplement. But everyone can appreciate easier digestion, especially when it means no stinky fish burps!

But krill oil has something else fish oil doesn’t, too: astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. So powerful, that combined with the (better) way krill is harvested, krill oil doesn’t need any of the additives or preservatives that are put in fish oil!

Finally, if you’re worried about the environment, krill oil is the more sustainable choice. Deep Ocean Krill Oil is sustainably harvested in a process overseen by the World Wildlife Fund Norway. Krill are one of the most abundant lifeforms on the planet, and reproduce quickly.

Bonus: because krill are at the bottom of the food chain, they naturally are a cleaner food source (whereas fish accumulate quite a few toxins from the environment, and it’s almost never filtered out of fish oil supplements!).

Why should you get more omega-3s in your diet? If you have a traditional American diet, it’s a safe bet you could use a few more Omega-3s to balance out the high quantities of Omega-6 found in things like fried food. If you’re already trying to be healthy, Deep Ocean Krill Oil is probably a better source of omega-3s, and adds astaxanthin in as a bonus! Support eyes, heart, brain, and more each and every day with krill oil.

Get better digestion (than fish oil) and a healthier diet today with Deep Ocean Krill Oil!

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