HikersIt’s the perfect time of year for a hike—it’s warm, not hot, everything’s green, and there’s plenty of blooms.

But when you get home, you might find that your muscles are a bit sore (unless you’ve been on top of a good winter workout with lots of inclines), and you may even have some allergies from those same blooms you were admiring.

Here’s one way to attack both problems: Dakota Muscle Relief. Dakota Muscle Relief is an all natural roll or spray on pain reliever for sore joints and muscles. Unlike what you may expect from traditional muscle pain relievers, Dakota Muscle Relief provides that hot/cold sensation that provides pain relief without the medicinal smell.

Instead, it has a lovely peppermint smell, which has the added benefit of opening up your sinuses. That will help clear out allergy symptoms like sneezing and coughing. (If they’re really bad, try our sinus rinse—get rid of pollen and mucus all at once; and be sure to check out ways to avoid lesser-known allergy triggers).

Dakota Muscle Relief is also great applied after a bath if your muscles need more help relaxing. Or, if they only bother you at night when you’re trying to relax, apply it before bed to help address muscle pain so you can sleep better.

And don’t forget some preventative care: make sure you drink enough water (in general, but especially before physical activity). It will help your muscles to function properly and not be sore. And if you don’t get enough water and get a headache? Apply some Dakota Muscle Relief around your temples, it will help with that too.

(P.S. If you’re worried about how your boots will hold up to a hike, check out Smelly Shoe Spray).

What activities do you have planned for summer?


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