Everyone knows about the shining glow that pregnant women have, but few discuss the less pretty side of pregnancy. The truth is, pregnancy isn’t that great for your body. Your heart works harder, your joints take on more work (and get loose in preparation for pushing the kid out), your gastrointestinal system is suddenly responsible for absorbing a ton more nutrients, and your uterus stretches, and the muscles will soon enough be responsible for pushing out a 6+ pound baby.

Many women take steps to prepare for pregnancy. Exercise has been shown to dramatically reduce birthing complications, especially when moderate exercise is engaged in daily throughout pregnancy (its also important to not be overweight and to have a strong heart; heart failure is one of the major causes of mortality from labor for Americans).

Diet change is also important before you get pregnant. Avoiding drugs like caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol, and adding proper nutrition (particularly folic acid).

Female Organ CLNz is designed around the latest research to support female organ health. It stimulates uterine muscles, helping the body cleanse, tone, and strengthen. (For this reason, stop taking it after you get pregnant!).

Supporting the health and function of female organs before you get pregnant is a great way to help prepare the body for the task it’s about to undertake.

Finally, Female Organ CLNz can support organ health even if you don’t want to get pregnant. Combat menstruation pains by supporting uterine muscle health.

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