Meditating BoomerNaomi Judd recently wrote about her Hep C diagnosis for the SFGate. Basically, in the early 90s (during an early peak in her career) she started coming down with advanced Hep C symptoms, was diagnosed, and told she had maybe three years to live.

Despite that, she went on to be declared cured of Hep C in 1995. What does she credit to still being alive more than two decades later?

A dramatic change in lifestyle. She took a break from being a rock star, and started living holistically—she meditated, ate healthy, and did the things we all wish we were doing for our health and peace. (I also infer she still followed her doctors treatment, and that this contributed to her success—because being healthy is about the whole body; there are rarely isolated problems).

Naomi Judd isn’t the only boomer to be facing Hep C. Unfortunately, a long series of events have conspired to infect a good chunk of a generation with the liver killing disease. (If you’re a boomer, born between 46 and 61, you should get tested—the disease is silent until it’s too late, or almost so as in Naomi’s case!).

But you can take a lesson from her success story, and support your Hep C treatment with your own holistic lifestyle.

  • Naomi gives a lot of credit to meditation. Incorporating it into your daily life can be simple and easy—
    • Follow an exercise like counting sheep before bed. (Bet you didn’t know that counted?!)
    • Go for a walk (look, exercise!) take yourself somewhere nature-y (babbling brook, whispering trees) then switch from a vigorous pace to a slow, contemplative one. Focus on experiencing your feet hitting the pavement, taking in your surroundings, etc.
  • Eat healthy. Your liver is one of your main protectors from all the toxins you eat, so go easy on it and eliminate as many as you can from your diet. No alcohol, little if any processed sugar, plenty of fruits and veggies. Try and stay away from processed food (full of preservatives) as well as GMOs like corn and soy, which tend to be thick with pesticides.
  • Boost your diet with liver supporting supplements. Antioxidants are key to supporting liver function, and you can even find combinations like Liver MGR that help to cleanse and detoxify the liver.
  • Find a support group—it’s another secret of Naomi’s. Like minded people, especially if they’re going through the same things, can help you stick it out!

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