Weight Loss For OverweightMost diseases have multiple factors that contribute to their onset. While eating less and exercising more helps to reduce your risk of obesity and diabetes, you might be able to make that track more successful by first addressing your gut bacteria.

The tie between what type of gut bacteria you have and your weight is getting stronger and stronger. Your gut bacteria not only impact how well you digest your food, but some of the “wrong” bacteria that can thrive in your gut can turn on signals for hunger. (Our gut bacteria extend far beyond the gut, not only can they tell the brain it’s time to be hungry, other studies have linked them with heart health, mood/depression, and more!).

In one accidental incident, some women who were receiving a fecal transplant (it can treat persistent microbiome infection like C. difficile and H. pylori) and (probably due to contamination from the hospital) accidentally ended up gaining a ton of weight afterward, with minimal change in their lifestyles!

As we understand the role bacteria play better, we’re figuring out that they may have a direct effect on other diseases, too, like diabetes. You already know that if you gain weight (thanks to your gut bacteria or otherwise) you’re at an increased risk, but the way your gut bacteria break down foods like carbs and sugars, as well as aid (or not) their absorption, and any chemical instruction or messages they send out about the transaction can influence the body to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

In fact, the wrong gut bacteria can trigger low-level inflammation that can increase the chances of not just Type 2 Diabetes, but other health problems!

Thankfully, you can do a lot to take control of your gut. As much as your bacteria might influence your cravings and desire to exercise, using some willpower to instigate those activities can help shift your gut bacteria. (Certain foods, like raw vegetables, are considered prebiotics that help nurture good bacteria).

You can also seed your gut with good bacteria using a probiotic supplement (or probiotic food, although many options in America have a ton of added sugar).

If you’re worried about low-level inflammation and other immune system stress, you can also use colloidal silver as immune support!

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