Pumpkin Cake With CandyFeeling good after a fun, active summer? Soon, you’ll be gorging on pumpkin spiced everything, Halloween candy, a big Thanksgiving feast, and a dozen different Christmas treats. By New Year’s you’ll have the extra weight to balance out any drinking, but you’ll also be feeling a little slowed down by it.

So why not plan early, and stay ahead of all the sugar?

First, make sure you’ve got some good activities planned. Fall hikes, walks to watch the leaves change, or a good-indoor group (is there anything you’ve never tried but want to? Get on MeetUp and find it or start it).

Sneaking in exercise can get trickier as the weather gets colder, and there’s less room to roam. Try to incorporate little things into your day—if you’re at a desk, find a way to sneak movement in (standing, bouncing on a balance ball, or some floor rollers). If you’re standing all day, try shoes that offer support, or even encourage muscle building.

Plan your treats. You’re already looking forward to that extra shot of sugar in your latte, figure out the best way for it to hit the spot for you. A single day of overindulgence? Or a bit spread out overtime? The pitfall to watch out for is having the day of overindulgence spill into a week or more (thanks to pressure from ads and all those leftovers).

If you’re prone to be taken in by a constant stream of chocolate in your face, do what chefs do (remember, they’ve got great food in front of them all day long): commit to making it yourself. It’s harder to binge on something you spent hours making, but easy to when you grabbed it off a grocery shelf.

Here’s another secret: it’s not just the effort put into it. The secret to good, satisfying food is what’s in it. Good ingredients are hard to find, but you’ll get more nutrition, better flavor, and you won’t feel as much as a need for seconds. The best way to get good ingredients is to go the DIY route. (PS, it’s a great season to visit a farm or orchard and get some bonus exercise before baking that caramel apple cake).

Feel the season getting away from you? Keep it natural (and safe): try Slim NRG to boost your metabolism and help your body catch up to those extra calories. Unlike other trendy “aides” this really is just natural support—no stimulants.

Order a bottle (or two) of Slim NRG so you have it in your pantry ready to go when you need it. By December, you’ll still look stunning at all the holiday parties (and more importantly, feel energetic and well).

What winter treat are you most looking forward to?


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