Outside Girl with Knee PainHave you heard the phrase “just putting a band-aid on it”? It means just patching something up—and not really fixing it.

That’s kind of what most pain relievers are like. It’s nice to end pain, and they have some value since they protect wounds, keep them moist, and allow for healing. Similarly, pain relievers can help you to relax, so you can sleep and encourage healing, or get through physical therapy, and otherwise function—indirectly, supporting healing and health.

Want to directly support those aches? Start with a nutritional supplement—give your body the nutritional building blocks it needs to repair itself.

Our best products for aches and pains is Body RLF. In fact, it’s one we bring home for ourselves!

Body RLF both provides the nutrients the body needs to inhibit pain, but the nutrients it needs as it begins the inflammatory process to repair muscles. (We’re talking about the natural, necessary inflammation the body uses as a tool—not the extra, excessive inflammation caused by certain diets or habits).

Kick-starting healing with all the needed nutritional support is a good way to fight pain, because ultimately, pain is the signal that’s something wrong.

Think about it this way—something stresses you out. Then you make a plan to fix it, and it’s not better yet, but the mental load is better, and you feel better. It’s kind of analogous to that. You’re not instantly fixed, but it’s under way.

Body RLF supports the immune system, joints, cartilage, pain—and a healthy inflammatory response. Try it—after a hard day of activities, when you’ve just killed yourself with a new workout, when you need to sleep but have rode to hard that day.

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