Sleeping in isn’t going to make you lazy, in fact, it just might have the opposite effect. Sleeping when we need to is important for our immune system (and battling inflammation), our brains, our hearts, and our weight. It’s not just about quantity though, it’s about quality (and you might need fewer ZZZ’s if you work on making them count). Take a few small steps to sleep better starting tonight, and you might find overtime you’re in a better mood, losing a little weight, and feeling a little healthier. If you’re a troubled sleeper take a step to support yourself with our Sleep Support Pack.

First, make time to sleep as much as you need to. It’s ok, it’s all about balance. Sleep is really important to our brain, and a lot of repair work happens when we’re sleeping. When we’re sick—physically or mentally—we need more sleep. Letting the body heal through sleep is important, but it’s also a good idea to keep it balanced with time in the sun and some light exercise (a short walk, a few minutes doing an active hobby, or whatever gets your endorphins going). Exercise provides a different sort of support to our heart and brain, and it gets everything circulating (by strengthening the heart and helping the lymphatic system move things along). So take 10 minutes to go on an evening walk, then get to bed early if you need it.

How we sleep is important. The biggest, most common mistake that could be robbing you of deep sleep, making you gain weight, and interfering with your health is having light in the bedroom. Whether it’s a single LED on a random device (even if you’re screen free in your bedroom heaters, humidifiers, and all manner of devices have tiny little bulbs) or a bad habit of falling asleep in front of a screen, make a plan to reduce the amount of light in your room starting tonight. Tape over any frivolous indicator lights or move them around, make use of sleep timers and blue light filters as well as night setting on web pages (so you can read white text on black).

If you are battling insomnia, troubleshoot: add a little exercise, cut back on caffeine and alcohol, add a little meditation, cut back on stress/business. Phones keep us always “on”, but it’s important to train the brain to have down time, too. Wandering, chatting, and being a little frivolous with our time is good brain training, too.

For extra support while you sleep, keep it natural with our Sleep Support Pack. Your body is busy while you sleep, make sure it has the minerals it needs to do the job with Cal Mag Complete. Nite MGR helps support natural, deep sleep with herbs and other nutrients. Support real, natural sleep when you need to with our Sleep Support Pack.


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