Cleanse!You probably pay a lot of attention to what goes in your body, choosing high-quality multivitamins, eating healthy meals with carefully requested ingredients, and being choosy about sunscreen and makeup. But what about what comes out?

There are a couple of things you can do to support your body as it detoxes the extras we’re exposed to (through skin products, diet, and environment).

First, support your liver. Everything that gets absorbed gets processed by your liver, including what you breathe in or absorb through your skin. Limiting the amount you intentionally burden it with (like limiting alcoholic drinks or heavily processed foods) helps, and so does eating lots of antioxidants, which help it to clean and restore itself. If you want to layer liver support into your diet, try Liver MGR.

Here’s the “obvious” one: make sure you’re supporting your colon health too. Everyone is a little aware of gastrointestinal health these days: many are paying close enough attention to recognize food intolerances and the headlines are full of news of the wonders of probiotics. We all get that colon health matters, and needs support through diet. But besides what not to eat, make sure you’re getting lots of support through beneficial herbs and nutrients. Colon CLNr is formulated to promote intestinal flora, and to help regulate and detox the colon.

If you’re more worried about unavoidable toxins, do a safe, simple detox and just add Zeolite to your diet for a little while. Zeolite is formed from ground water and volcanic ash, and has a large cage like structure that pulls toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Just be sure to follow it up with beneficial minerals. With all the headlines about tap water, Zeolite is a good tool to have.

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