As flu season lingers, so do sore throats, runny noses, coughs, fevers, and other symptoms of not just colds and flu, but strep, sinus infections, ear infections, and other viral diseases going around (not to mention stomach flu).

Whether you’re fending off getting sick as everyone sniffles around you (maybe with some extra immune support), feeling the tickle in your throat already, or hunkering down to get through it, do it with a cup of health supporting tea like our Jiaogulan.

If you need a warm drink to soothe a sore throat, help steam and clear mucus, or just to warm you up when you’re feeling cold, Jiaogulan is a caffeine free option (it won’t mess with your need for sleep and is perfect before bed), and is historically known as heart support, digestive support, and more. Every cup is full of adaptogens that help to create balance in the body.

If you’re facing cold and flu symptoms and it feels too warm out to enjoy a hot drink, you can ice Jiaogulan too.

But what does it taste like? Jiaogulan has an earthy taste. You can get two or three brews out of each pot, and people often love the second the best. It’s great at any time of day, but it’s perfect before bed (besides not keeping you up with caffeine, no caffeine means it’s not a diuretic that will increase your need to use the bathroom any more than the additional liquid you’re getting).

Make sure that you have a comforting cup of healthy tea for the rest of cold and flu season and order some Jiaogulan today.

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