Back To School GirlSchool is just around the corner. If you’re planning on starting your kids’ days with balanced breakfasts, packing them organic lunches, and providing healthy after school snacks, make sure you also put the same effort into the multivitamin you choose for them.

Kids need a daily multivitamin. They’re growing, sometimes at an alarming pace! They’re active—from when they pop out of bed until your wrangle them back into it at night. They’re still building their immune system, encountering tons of germs at school, daycare, and in nature (from eating bugs to catching them to studying them, kids are up front and center in dirt more than most any adult!). And kids are learning, and they’re brain needs access to a full spectrum of nutrition.

A daily multivitamin provides a safety net. Even healthy diets don’t include 100% of every nutrient you need every day (even if you follow a strict diet, fruits and veggies will vary in what they provide based on where they’re grown. Same for animal products—what they’re fed (grass, corn, etc.) will affect how nutritious they are.

And, you know, we’re talking about kids. There will be days they only eat their lunch treat—or trade their lunch for who knows what, or pocket their lunch money for toys and skip lunch, or fill up on cheap and readily available junk food… A daily multivitamin means that even on days with ice cream for breakfast or carnival food or birthday cake their growing bodies and developing immune systems are still getting the building blocks they need!

Multivitamins may get their own aisle at the grocery store, but don’t be fooled; studies have found that most big brands you can get at the store aren’t that great—you’re lucky if you even get what’s on the label!

Traditional kids’ multivitamins don’t just have these fillers, they have artificial colors and flavors. You avoid them in your food—why allow them in a multivitamin?

That’s why it’s worth it to provide the best multivitamin available for your family.

Welltrient One Vita One offers the best for your kids. It’s packed with nutrients—there’s no fillers, just the good stuff. Welltrient One is made without stearates—a lubricant used in the manufacture of other supplements to help the machines run. There’s some evidence that stearates may not only suppress the immune system, but may cause the body to react in a way that stops it from absorbing nutrients!

Welltrients are carefully formulated. The ingredients chosen are the highest quality available, and in their bioavailable forms—meaning they’re ready for your body to digest. This is perfect for kids’ sometimes delicate digestive tract (especially younger kids) or great if your kid has Chron’s, IBS, or other inflammatory bowel disorder that affects nutrient absorption. Welltrients is the supplement to chose if you want to give your body something it can actually use!

How are you getting ready for school?


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