Getting enough sleep is important, but research suggests that when you sleep is equally important! Having an irregular sleep schedule ups the odds of metabolic syndrome—a cluster of conditions that increase your risk for heart disease, cardiovascular events, and diabetes. The more irregular your sleep schedule, the bigger the risk! Help get back on a regular sleep cycle with Nite MGR.

If you’re gaining weight, it might be your sleep habits. And it’s working against you in multiple ways! Changing when you go to sleep each night messes with your sleep cycle/stages of sleep, leading to metabolic changes and “silent” weight gain (meaning it’s hard to diet against). If you’re tired, or generally having unmet sleep needs (sleep repairs our health in many ways), you’re also going to be more likely to crave sugar, increasing your weight gain.

But it’s not just weight gain, it’s metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome can be silent, you might notice that your waist is expanding, but unless you have a regular check-up you won’t notice high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and other interior changes that require simple tools and labs to check. Metabolic syndrome isn’t just gaining weight, it’s an expanding waist line/changing body proportions.

Keeping to a regular sleep cycle can help fight against metabolic syndrome and general weight gain! And this comes down to sleep hygiene, or having good habits around when you go to sleep. Things like having a bedtime routine (limiting screen time or using a blue light filter), limiting alcohol, being consistent about timing, and not eating or drinking a ton right before hitting your pillow. 

People who sleep easily are pretty consistent about answering how they do it: get active/busy (work some exercise into your day if you’re not tired at night and struggle falling asleep), and use meditation. Focusing on each body part sinking into the bed is a pretty common strategy, but it could also be mentally recreating art, letting intrusive thoughts float down a river, or anything else you like.

For people still struggling to fall asleep, Nite MGR offers natural support. With herbs and nutrients that encourage you to go to sleep and have a deep, natural sleep cycle, Nite MGR is a non-addictive nighttime routine that encourages real, natural, restful sleep for a healthier tomorrow.


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