VitaminsWhy should you pay more for a high quality supplement, like our Welltrients line? Because you get what you pay for, and when it comes to low grade products that line grocery store shelves, that may be a whole lotta nothin’.

In fact, it may also be: unlisted allergens. Fillers. Or Something else entirely.

A third of the “supplements” you’ll find in grocery stores contain nothing that’s listed on the label. And if they do, it’s low quality. They’re often made with brown herbs, and hard to digest versions of vitamins and minerals.

More dangerously, many were found to also contain deadly allergens, like nuts, without any mention or warning on the label.

Best case scenario, you’re buying a placebo. Worst case? A trigger for your allergy.

Welltrients, by comparison, contain no fillers, high quality ingredients, and strictly follow their label.

It’s not the first study to find that what grocery stores sell is lacking. Researchers love outing the rip-off that is your drug store echinacea, multivitamins, and calcium supplement. It’s not like they’re cheap, even if they cost less than the good stuff—think about what kind of markup they’re getting when you’re bringing home a sugar pill.

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