The state of your gut biome is responsible for many aspects of health, and changing it may be as simple as changing your diet. But our understanding of it is only growing more complicated; as we understand more, there’s more to unravel, and we realize we understand less than we thought.

A new study has tied Type-1 Diabetes to what viruses you’re keeping in your gut. You thought you just had to worry about bacteria, and that’s still partially true, but there’s more going on. Your good bacteria are crowding out and fighting bad pathogens, and positively impacting how you digest food. You also have viruses playing similar roles, and you want the same thing with relation to them: a large variety of friendly ones that support your health and their fellow friendly bacteria, while crowding out the bad viruses and bacteria.

Until someone decides we need the viral equivalent of probiotics (which replenish your bacterial colonies), just stick with the same good habits that support your gut already (and the same ones that support your whole body!). A plant diverse diet, exercise, sleep, and some stress-busting habits.

Make sure walnuts are included, as new research shows that they may positively benefit your gut bacteria. Already rich in omega-3s, benefiting gut bacteria is another reason they’re a superfood.

In addition to a healthy diet, include the occasional fermented food (like yogurt, kefir, or some types of pickled foods) to help introduce more beneficial bacteria. In addition to possibly being tied to autoimmune diseases like diabetes, mood, heart health, weight, and more are impacted by your gut health. For a daily dose of support try Flora MGR.

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