Hospital CorridorMost people implicitly trust hospitals. But do they deserve that trust? A few do. Some hospitals are working hard to reduce hospital acquired infections (HAIs) with what probably seems like extreme measures, a mix of signs and disinfectant everywhere, constant verbal reminders at meetings, and technological reminders from cameras to badges that chirp when doctors walk in/out of rooms or past soap dispensers.

But HAIs are still a growing issue. Washing hands is the biggest factor (in fact, a few observant doctors figured out the correlation between hygiene and illness centuries ago, but it didn’t really catch on until there was irrefutable proof, and even then many people, even doctors, fall into an attitude of exceptionalism). But buildings are a problem, too. Innovators (who are arguably looking back through history for ideas) are using nano silver to help, coating neglected and hard to clean surfaces (walls, curtains, interior windows, etc.) as well as objects used in the body.

A few neonatal deaths have suggested that contaminated water in buildings may be a problem. A common bacteria, Pseudomonas, was found in the pipes and in the patients. While it doesn’t really hurt healthy people, like most infections it can be devastating in someone with a weakened immune system, like patients in a hospital.

And there’s the rub: protecting people who are at a high risk from even common bacteria. The future looks like probiotics will play a role, but without official studies that not only look at each of the millions of types out there but their various combinations, it might be a while before hospitals adopt them in a big way. (Of course, don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of them now, just pick a reputable brand with a high count and lots of strains, like Flora MGR).

In the meantime, you can support your immune system with colloidal silver. While something requiring a hospital visit is a big example of what might weaken your immune system, there’s plenty of smaller things that can take a chronic toll. Conditions like diabetes, gastro illnesses (IBD, IBS, etc.), and even small abrasions that you might pick up from work or chasing a hobby, there’s a lot that can keep your immune system working hard each day.

You can use colloidal silver as daily support for your immune system, or as increased support when you know you need a little extra (traveling, a bad meal, the fatigue that means the start of something…).

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