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Gastrointestinal TractStudy after study ties our gut bacteria (as well as bacteria found elsewhere, like the skin and genitals) to unexpected aspects off our health, like our body’s ability to regulate our weight, to our mood and even personality, to our heart health and more! Here’s how you can take that information and start improving your health—today.

The basics of supporting your probiotic colonies are easy:

  1. Healthy habits encourage the growth of healthy bacteria, and vice versa.
  2. You can replenish your colonies with good bacteria from probiotic supplements like Flora MGR.
  3. Eating lots of prebiotics helps a diverse microbiome to flourish.

Having good digestive bacteria is good for everyone. They’re a part of your immune system, a first line of defense against what you eat. And having the right good bacteria can also mean your body sending the right triggers out for immune cell production. A good microbiome can also reduce plaque production, and support heart and cardiovascular health in other ways. As far as our brain, mood, and potential insomnia, researchers are exploring many of the strange connections between the gut and brain. In fact, our gut bacteria may be responsible for up to 80% of serotonin production! And, obviously, gut bacteria play an important role in digestion, easing and regulating bowel movements and potentially protecting against inflammatory diseases like IBD and IBS.

But even though they’re for everyone, probiotics have a history of being marketed toward women. Men actually have some important benefits, to gain, too! A recent study tied the genital bacteria colony to testicle and reproductive health. Past research has shown that our bodily bacteria might influence hormones, meaning men might find more balance with testosterone production, energy levels, and more when they support having good bacteria.

Good habits, like exercise, a good night’s rest, and a healthy diet encourage a healthy microbiome—and vice versa. It can take a year to reset your gut bacteria if you have a history of bad habits, so stick with it! In addition to good habits, supplying the gut with good bacteria from a probiotic supplement like Flora MGR can help your body make the change, until your good bacteria have you naturally craving good food and exercise!

There’s a deeper level, too: research has connected our gut bacteria to our circadian rhythms. Now we know that travel, irregular eating patterns, and odd sleep habits can also disrupt how we support (or don’t) our gut bacteria, and how well they help us (ideal or not-ideal digestion). Being consistent can help support our gut!

And to really get the most out of our good bacteria, make sure to eat lots of prebiotics, or foods that feed and support good bacteria. You need a variety of good bacteria, they inhabit the entire digestive tract, from stomach to bowels, and that means a varied diet. Walnuts, and oats may specifically support colon bacteria. Overall support comes from onions, lentils, leeks, and apples. In general, you want harder to digest fibers and a variety of veggies, as well as any good source of polyphenols, including dark chocolate.

Pick some good habits to try today, and pair them with a microbiome replenishing supplement like Flora MGR.

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