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Don't Make These Heart Health Mistakes!

Grill GatheringEveryone knows the big steps to heart health: eat right, exercise, watch your weight, get regular check-ups. But even if you’re doing your best to follow those big guidelines, don’t have a misstep with some of the smaller things that can tax your heart!

In fact, summer can be really hard on your heart if you’re not careful. Watch out for these pitfalls:

-Dehydration. Everyone knows that dehydration is bad news, but it can be really stressful for your organs, with damage lasting even after you get some electrolytes back in you. Make sure you’re drinking water all day long (a reusable bottle is a great way to measure). If you need something flavored, stay away from sugary-drinks and add some herbs (like mint) or a slice or two of fruit. If you feel yourself falling behind on water consumption, grab the healthiest electrolyte drink you can find (coconut water, for instance).

-Don’t work too hard. In winter, people keel over shoveling snow—hard work, warm clothes, and too much strain can cause problems, particularly if their heart was already out of shape. Beware you can make the same mistake in summer, and it won’t even matter if you’re in good shape. Call the games and yard work off during the hottest part of the day (usually after noon). Even if you’re holding off dehydration, heat and physical activity can be a dangerous mix.

-Don’t add carcinogens to your meats & veggies. There’s so many fruits and vegetables available all summer long, and most of them can be popped on the grill. Just make sure you’re not taking away the benefits by cooking them too hot and causing burning (and the formation of carcinogens). Leaving corn in the husk, using foil, lower temperatures, or special accessories like planks (that you wet) can act as shields. You can also lower the temperature and cook things more slowly. Keep in mind, too, that heat denatures (breaks down) the nutrients, so stick to warming things up and using a meat thermometer for accuracy/food safety.

-Don’t sit too long when you travel. Especially if you’re hitting the road, make sure to make frequent stops to stretch (and even better, shake, dance, or play a quick game). Sitting for too long can cause blood clots and other problems, enough so that you might consider visiting your doctor for a check-up and clean bill of health before heading out.

-Remember there are sugar alternatives that aren’t fake. If you’re fighting the heat this summer, skip the all-sugar freezer treats. Freeze some fruit for flavor, nutrients, and the same refreshing chill. You can mash it up into popsicles (watermelon is a great base), freeze then blend into “ice cream” (with a banana base it will have the same texture) or a smoothie with ice.

Some bonus heart health tips:

-Floss! It’s not just for your teeth. Reducing food, germs, and inflammation in your mouth means less inflammation overall, and less work for your immune system. Getting rid of all the plague means you’ll swallow less of it, and keep it from ending up in even more sensitive parts of your body.

-Fight against free-radicals with more antioxidants! Of course this applies year round, but summer is really the time to take advantage of fresh fruits and veggies! Keep in mind that you’re getting free radical exposure from sugar (many drinks marketed for summer, desserts, etc.), the sun, and improper grilling.

To add an extra layer of support, consider a supplement formulated for heart health, or one with an extra-powerful antioxidant boost!

What are your summer health and safety tips?


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