Apple with HeartWhether you’re older or younger, already facing heart problems, worried about what’s to come, or currently just fine, it’s always a good time to work on improving heart health.

Too Early?

Nope. Obviously, prevention is the best case scenario, and you’re never too young to do something for your heart!

Here’s where we hit all the basics: exercise, good nutrition, good habits, and enough sleep.

But there’s always more you can do: sneak some more antioxidants in your diet (try our antioxidant formula), or even do it with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon. For a bit more activity, try sneaking in some more standing, and walk places whenever you have the chance.

And get tested—as early as your insurance will allow (or if your doctor thinks you need it earlier). Catching small symptoms early, according to more and more studies, can make a HUGE difference.

Never Too Late?

Nope! For instance, cutting out sugar can make a marked difference in many health measures. A little bit of exercise can be the snowball that starts it all. One better night’s sleep might get your further the next day, then the next.

And if you’re struggling to get started, an extra supplement might be the kick you need. When you get enough of all the nutrients everyday, you feel better (think about it—even if you eat healthfully, how varied is your diet? Plants have way more than going on in them than their most praised ingredients).

Plus, any little improvement can mean a change in direction. If you’re getting better, you’re not getting worse.

Heart health and related events (heart attacks, stroke, etc.) affect every age, race, and income bracket these days. That’s why, no matter how healthy, or unhealthy you think you are, you’ve got something to benefit from by taking charge of your heart health.

Blood pressure, TIAs, and Cholesterol, Oh My. What heart health issues worry you?


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