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Active or inactive, your heart is working hard and needs support. Feeding your heart the nutrition it needs helps it stay healthy, grow stronger, and work better. But “a heart-healthy diet” is a phrase that’s almost overused—sometimes just to say that one thing is less unhealthy than another, ignoring that it’s not actively supported. You can keep the heart and cardiovascular nutrition simple with a supportive multivitamin like Mito Cardia CVS Complete.

Your heart powers you—it needs strength to support you when you’re sick, to withstand your ups and downs, and to grow when you’re healthy and active. The good news is that giving your heart some TLC is actually simple—just a bit of nutrition and exercise.

Even light exercise a few times a week can help keep it healthy. If you have extra energy, you can give your heart an exercise boost by changing up the types of exercise you do. It turns out a runner’s heart is different than a swimmer’s heart than a biker’s, etc. Varying your activity may be beneficial similar to how a varied diet is, but don’t worry! Studies show that every bit of activity—even just switching to standing or pacing, offers some degree of improved heart health.

Eating your nutrients works similarly. Fiber, colorful fruits and veggies, and healthy fats all help support heart health, and every little bit helps. Some nutrients are better known for supporting heart health, like CoQ10. You can make sure to give your heart a daily boost of the nutrients it needs with Mito Cardia CVS Complete. Every meal may not be perfect, but you can make sure you’re heart has the basics with a daily heart-supporting multivitamin like Mito Cardia CVS Complete.


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