Assorted Holiday CookiesOr sneak onto you, as it were. This time of year, we don’t just eat extra calories (when we’re helping Santa finish his cookies or having that only-made-once-a-year-dessert), we’re drinking them—eggnog, cocoa, or whatever blended concoction your local coffee shop offers.

You don’t have to abstain. In fact, recent research suggests that a healthy diet might even include things like ice cream—the more important factor is how you digest it. And that, by and large, is mostly impacted by what your probiotic colonies look like, something that’s very easy to control.

Make sure that most of what you eat is healthy. It’s easy to add extra fruit and vegetables to everything, pretty much. And it doesn’t require sacrifice, because you’re adding a few more bites to your plate that are low calorie and high nutrition. Besides that nutrition, many fruits and vegetables are prebiotics, which means they encourage the good bacteria in your gut to thrive.

Add more probiotics to your diet: yogurt, kefir, (which can be added to snacks, or try cooking an Indian meal for something different), or just a daily probiotic supplement to help maintain a robust colony. Stomach illness, antibiotics, and more kill of your good bacteria and leave room for bad things to grow in.

But staying thin isn’t just probiotics, although that helps a whole lot. You can target good digestion with a targeted supplement. Slim NRG helps speed up your metabolism and supports good digestion. Digestion is key to reaching and maintaining healthy weight.

Exercise is helpful, too. Mostly, though, exercise keeps you healthy, and happy, and that chemical cascade of feel goods you get will lead you to better eating. While most people go for straight time doing cardio, you would have to work far longer than is good for you before you cancelled out your morning blended drink. Strength training helps a lot, because stronger muscles will burn calories even when you’re not working out.

Don’t wait until January 1st to take care of your body. Get a running start on a healthy new year and take small steps to support your health today.

What’s your favorite holiday recipe?


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