A study has found a correlation between getting hot flashes early—between 40 and 53—and having a higher risk for heart disease.

While the study was limited in racial diversity, it did control for other factors that can negatively impact heart health, leaving hot flashes as their own distinct warning signal.

What’s a hot flash? It’s exactly what it sounds like: your whole body suddenly goes warm. Hot flashes are a symptom of menopause, which begins, on average, at age 51 but can begin as early has 40 (symptoms beginning before 40 is considered premature menopause).

The suspicion is that cardiovascular health may play a role in triggering them (meaning that even as the study implicates heart disease if you have early hot flashes, you might be able to temper hot flashes with better cardiovascular health), although hot flashes are still in and of themselves a byproduct of the processes of menopause.

So what should you do? Work with your doctor if you start having symptoms of menopause early. And it’s never too late to start working on heart health: moderate exercise can be as simple as a walk each day; a healthy diet can begin with eating more fruits and vegetables, rather than focusing on eating less; and sleep is important for heart and mind.

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