There are many basic health routines that improve both mental and physical health, but here’s an easy one that almost everyone likes: sleep. Get more, and do it better, and your night’s rest could be elevating your mood to “lottery winner” levels! It’s easy to make a few simple changes, and there’s lots of healthy support out there if you need it (like our Seep Support Pack).

This is another case of quality over quantity, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. Getting to sleep easily, and then getting enough is a key starting point. If you don’t know what triggers insomnia for you, there are two ways to start. One is to slow or stop eating and drinking before bed, and make sure literally each sense (from clean teeth to clean sheets and a dark, quiet, clean room) is comfortable. Another is to journal your days (including moods/stress) and figuring out what messes up days where you don’t sleep.

More tricks to sleep well include cutting back on caffeine after lunch (try swapping in our Jiaogulan tea), exercising, and rebalancing what you eat (heavier in the morning, lighter in the evening).

Then, you need to get the quality part down. If you set up the quantity, a good night’s sleep will often follow. If you need extra help, start natural with nutritional support, though, because the other sort of sleeping pills didn’t contribute to the positive effects in the study. What kind of sleep aid? Try Nite MGR, or pair it with Cal Mag Complete (get both from our Sleep Support Pack). Both support the nighttime work of your body.

It may seem obvious why sleep is important, but most people just focus on their brain. Actually, when you close your eyes, your whole body gets rejuvenated. Yes, your brain does some house cleaning, but your heart benefits, your gastrointestinal tract, your skin and more.

Research shows sleep is so important that simple, comparatively cheap steps to improve it could be worth the overall health outcomes. Get those benefits for yourself with one or two easy, day-to-day changes or the support of Nite MGR in Sleep Support Pack.

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