If you are starting a new exercise routine, or are beginning to get fit again after months or years of relative inactivity, it’s important that you make sure you are exercising in a way that keeps you safe.

For many, talking to your doctor is the first place to start. If you are very overweight, have other health conditions (heart, in particular), or old injuries that you need to consider, a doctor can help you avoid activity that may harm you. You may also consider consulting a personal trainer, who can teach you how to do exercises properly, protecting your knees and back.

Once you begin exercising, it’s important to go slow, and pay attention to your body. Remember two things: 1) Exercise does not have to be painful to be effective, and 2) What you do and how hard you do it are more important than how long you do it for. Changing your fitness routine every few weeks or as needed helps to ensure you exercise all your muscle groups.

To protect yourself from sports injury, it’s helpful to stretch. Studies have shown people who stretch are less likely to be injured than those who don’t. Yoga can also help—it encourages blood flow, and there are many yoga routines (available on DVD, in books, or from your local teacher) that are designed to compliment specific sports, such as swimming, tennis, and running.

Of course, it’s also helpful to eat well and ensure you are getting proper nutrition. Here are some Colloids for Life products to consider for complementing a safe fitness program:

Although exercise is great for your body, it can also cause inflammation. If inflammation is a health concern for you, then add extra antioxidants to your diet by taking a supplement like Triple Strength Antioxidant.

Body RLF is a vitamin supplement designed to complement an active lifestyle. Containing ingredients that support your body’s ability to rebuild cartilage, lubricate joints and combat pain, it’s all natural formula is an asset to any athlete.

Hand-eye coordination and general alertness are critical to sports safety. Mesogold is reported to improve cognitive function, helping you stay alert, particularly during sports where balls are involved.

What are your tips for staying safe while getting fit? Any experiences you can share that will help others stay safe? Post  below!


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