Man with infalmmed elbowA new study has found that carrying “bad” bacteria in your microbiome, the kind that cause inflammation, can increase your risk of picking up other infections.

It’s not just that it taxes your immune system, although of course it does: having any chronic health problem, even mild inflammation, means that your immune system is constantly working, and may not be as prepared to launch a battle on another incoming pathogen. Inflammation also makes the infected cells more susceptible to infection.

Here’s an example from recent research: vaginas carrying certain bacteria (usually Gram-negative bacteria) were far more likely to contract HIV, while certain other bacteria conferred a small level of protection and diminished the odds of contracting it.

Part of the study showed that changing the vaginal microbiome is more difficult than the gastrointestinal tract, so part of the lesson is the value of good habits, and continually supporting a healthy microbiome.

So give your gut, groin, skin and more the benefit of helpful probiotic bacteria. Make sure probiotics (whether from fermented food or quality supplement) are a daily part of your routine.

You can also get some immune system support from colloidal silver (take separately from a probiotic; usually people take colloidal silver at least 15 minutes before eating, and probiotics with their meal. Another tip: probiotics benefit from a healthy veggie-heavy diet, since many veggies are prebiotics that support beneficial bacteria).

Inflammation comes from many places, it can be triggered (or just have the flames of it fed) by diet. It can come from any number of lingering infections (adenoids will hold onto inflammation, or some viruses, like Lyme Disease, will cause ongoing inflammation after the initial bout of illness, and on and on), or it can come from injury (kitchen jobs create a constant stream of nicks and burns, for example).

Add an extra layer of protection with colloidal silver immune support and Flora MGR (a high quality probiotic).

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