YawnAccording to new research, the brain of people who have insomnia is a little bit different, and you could notice it all day long: it’s constantly processing data at a heightened level, an attribute which causes insomnia when it’s time to sleep.

This isn’t necessarily a bad attribute, but you need to know how to manage it. It suggests that many, if not all of the 15% of Americans suffering insomnia are predominantly struggling with an overactive mind. So, the standard tips for fighting insomnia apply:

Set the tone for sleeping. Stretch out any kinks, make sure your sheets/pillow are just right. Adjust the temperature, kill the lights (including and especially your cell phone).

Then, consider what is distracting you.

Are you focused on a to-do list? Take ten minutes to write it out. Add notes to yourself if you need to. Then make a conscious decision to put it out of mind until the alarm goes off.

Is your mind unfocused, wandering to any random thing? Consider a white noise machine (or whale songs, forest noises, whatever). Then you can focus on that until you drift off to sleep. (You might be able to download an app or free song set if you look around, just make sure the set up isn’t contributing light).

Don’t know what your mind is doing? You might be letting yourself get distracted instead of falling asleep, thinking of something exciting, or puzzling, or energizing in whatever way. Make a note to catch yourself doing it, then refocus on sleeping (clear your mind, or breathe deep and relax your muscles).

And you can always help your brain on its way to sleep-land with melatonin, which can be found in the complete sleep product Nite MGR.

Luckily, you might be finding yourself problem solving more easily the rest of the day thanks to your brain’s heightened processing. Or (less luckily) you might be unfocused during the day. If that’s the case, consider strategies like only doing one task at a time, or taking a few minutes to set an outline of what you’re doing. If you need help focusing try MesoGold, which is reported to improve focus and concentration.

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