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Confirming the obvious is a great way to help us get to solutions to real problems. According to new and completely unsurprising research, sleep can reduce anxiety by 30%. Not just any sleep, though, deep sleep. While it’s a wonderful natural solution to a common problem, getting true, deep sleep may require some natural help from our Sleep Support Pack.

Not getting sleep turns up anxiety, troubled thinking, and rocks emotional stability. You’re not the real you without letting your brain get the rest you need, instead, you’re off-kilter, and likely feeling some mixture of depression, stress, anxiety, and maybe even anger or sadness. To find your center again, you have to find a good night’s rest.

Even a mediocre night’s rest is better than nothing, though, and can help center and stabilize your mood. But to really cut back on anxiety, some deep sleep (the point past REM where you make longer brain waves) is key.

Sleeping pills won’t get you there. They induce something like sleep, but they’re associated with sleep walking and other strange behavior for a reason: they’re not giving your brain a real rest.

To naturally get the sleep you need, work on other good habits that support sleep like exercise, getting sunshine, avoiding sugar, cutting back alcohol, and getting all the nutrients you need.

To help with the nutritional aspect of sleep, our Sleep Support Pack provides nighttime nutritional needs as well as herbs that are known to support sleep—helping you fall asleep and stay asleep naturally.

Cut back anxiety, find the sweet spot of deep, restful sleep with help from our Sleep Support Pack so your brain can rest and you can be calmer and more centered tomorrow.

Sleep Support Pack

Give your body the nutrients it needs for a great night’s sleep with Nite MGR, and the building blocks to rejuvenate your body overnight with Cal-Mag Complete!

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