Lady Studying In LibraryWhether you’re a student in the library or pulling late nights in the office, you might actually be sabotaging your success.

Why? Because Vitamin D, which your body gets from sunlight, is critical to how your brain makes and saves memories. Especially as we go into winter, getting enough Vitamin D is important, for your bones, your immune system, and your mind. And if you’re stuck inside working, you’re Vitamin D levels will fall.

The connection between Vitamin D and memory has a lot of studies backing it up. In one, it helped people in middle age improve/maintain their memory. In another, it made a huge difference whether or not those in their 70s developed dementia.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in a temperate climate year round, you can’t rely on sunshine over the next few months (how much you need varies by altitude, proximity to the equator, skin color, how much skin you’re showing, and more). To make sure you always have enough Vitamin D, taking a daily multivitamin is a good idea. Taking one that focuses on delivering bioavailable vitamins and minerals is important too—especially as you age, since the body gets worse at absorbing and processing nutrients over time. Vita One is a high quality multivitamin with the best forms of nutrients, no additives or preservatives, and as full as a capsule can get.

It’s not just memory. Almost everyone’s Vitamin D dips in the winter. And for 2 in 10 people, a lack of Vitamin D contributes to things like Seasonal Affective Disorder (or full blown winter depression!).

Get outside when you can, it will add the additional bonus of a bit of exercise, which boosts creativity and helps ward off depression. And to cover when you can’t get outside enough, like cram time, take that daily multivitamin! (For an extra boost, try MesoGold. It supports memory, mood, coordination, and more!).

What keeps you inside during winter?


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