The clocks turned back, days are getting shorter and colder, and there’s a collective need in the air to huddle indoors where it’s warm and cozy. But don’t let any of that cut into your good health habits, like exercise. Keeping exercise up through fall and then winter has more health benefits than average: going outside gets you more fresh air, more sun (meaning more Vitamin D to help boost the immune system and combat seasonal depression), and it helps fight against the tendency to put on winter weight.

If you need muscle support after you exercise, make sure you have some Dakota Muscle Relief. It’s a fast, pleasant way to soothe muscles. With a mild peppermint scent, you can use it before heading back into work, or before going out without offending anyone. It’s hot cool sensation and minimal ingredients work really well at getting tension out of muscles (compare it to the harsh odor and chemicals in the traditional brands).

So, you’ve got a will, you’ve got some post-workout relief, where do you begin when it’s cold outside and the days are short?

Winter workouts can be fun-focused, just like summer. Winter sports from skiing, to family friendly sledding and snowball fights all count for exercise (if it’s cold out, you’re burning extra calories, too!). An outing ice skating, or a winter hike all double up as weekend fun, but you can also get movement into your weekday with a walk or jog during lunch, treating your dog to a winter romp, or just doing any of the fall or winter yard work that builds up (but be heart smart, don’t overdo it).

When you’ve found the perfect winter hobby for your day to day life, keep that activity going. It feeds a good cycle of happy mood, better health, and happy body. Just be sure to smoothe out the bumps and tension along the way with Dakota Muscle Relief!

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