Pumpkin FaceIf you’re celebrating Halloween tomorrow, whether taking kids out Trick-Or-Treating or going to a grown-up party, you’ll want to make sure you keep your immune system strong. No one wants to wake up Saturday morning feeling with nothing but regret!

-Rest Up Friday. Whether you have time to get a little more sleep, or are able to inject a little fun into your day so your brain isn’t worn down by stress, you’ll be giving your body a little prep for the night’s festivities!

-Eat a big, healthy meal. Whether you’ll be indulging in candy, carmel apples, and treats, or alcohol, be sure to start with a nutritional, food-group balanced meal so your body isn’t so worn out by the lack of nutrients. It will also help keep your energy going the rest of the night, and will go a long way toward ensuring the rest of your weekend goes well!

-Dress warm! Here in Colorado, I think we’ll be clear of snow this weekend. But it’s still pretty cold out! If you’re not sure how to accessorize your costume so it’s warm, check pinterest. Remember, alcohol gives you a false sense of being warm, so plan ahead to dress appropriately and don’t try and figure it out in the moment. As far as kids, make sure costumes and coats are carseat appropriate.

-Trick-Or-Treating? Watch out for teal pumpkins—they’re for the growing number of kids who have food allergies! Participants are providing alternative treats like small toys for kids who can’t have peanuts, wheat, and other common allergens. If you’re just handing out candy, consider spray-painting a pumpkin teal and becoming a participating house!

-Partying? Here’s an open secret here at Colloids for Life—you’ll want to take a Glycemic MGRx the next day. It’s the right sort of nutritional support after a night of heavy drinking. (And it may also come in handy if you need help with a sugar hangover—Glycemic MGRx is formulated to promote healthy, stable blood sugar levels).

-And of course, give your immune system some extra support with colloidal silver. Halloween is a very social holiday! Going door to door, or mingling in a party crowd you’re going to be around a lot of strangers, some of whom will probably have chosen to go out sick rather than miss the holiday. And since many things out there can be taken to mask symptoms without stopping transmission, stay on the safe side with a little extra support for yourself this weekend!

And remember winter disease-transmission basics: wash hands often, get your humidifier going, and join the train of people forgoing handshakes in favor of a greeting with less bodily contact.

Happy Halloween! What are your Halloween plans this year?


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