If you have leftover Halloween candy in the house, or can’t help stocking up on that November 1st discount, if you look forward to Thanksgiving for its overindulgence, if you can’t help but try each Christmas treat… make sure you read up on these tips to help manage your weight (and health!).

Here’s what’s new in studies on weight loss: fasting is the new it thing. It’s not even about cutting calories, it’s about resting your gut. One movement focuses on extending an already natural fast: bedtime. In the morning you “break” your “fast” with breakfast, so the idea is to formalize it and make a policy to space dinner and breakfast out by twelve to thirteen hours. Another recent study found that lightly fasting every other day triggered a change in gut bacteria so that it burned fat. When transferred to non-fasting mice, the effect was the same.

There’s lots of evidence on how your gut bacteria can influence weight gain, this new study suggests that a resting period may help to encourage healthy digestive function and the right kind of bacteria. You can also support your gut with Flora MGR.

If you’re trying to cut meals and balance caloric intake, make sure what’s left is healthy. Vegan Protein Complete is great for smoothies or other drinks so that you can replace meals and still get a healthy dose of protein. Taking a multivitamin like Vita One can also help protect you when you’re eating less.

Good everyday tricks for weight loss include focusing on the positive, like more fruits and veggies (not focusing on less sugar and drinking more water.

If you’re trying to change or maintain a healthy weight, make sure you’ve got the right support.

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